1. Hi Peter
    Seen you on youtube and use ProArgi-9
    Din’t quite get how I can make money out of Synergy
    Could you please clarify?
    Louis Dassen

    • Hi Louis
      Thank you for your question.
      Synergy Worldwide has profound products as you have seen and read, Synergy is also a part-time business opportunity for people. Synergy Worldwide operates a network marketing business model, using word of mouth to engage with potential customers and business partners. I have been working in Synergy Worldwide for over two years and I love it with a passion. The testimonials we get from product users are humbling.

      If you are looking for an additional part-time income stream opportunity and would like to chat and can explain how you get paid then please get in touch. We have a Day 1 Presentation as we call it and we do it using the GoToMeeting platform through the Internet, last approx 40 mins.
      Very kind regards

  2. Hi Peter

    Thank you for your reply.
    Could you please email me the GoToMeeting instructions for the Day 1 Presentation?


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