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Your health, your life, your choice

Your health, your life, your choice

A perfect Storm

The Sickness Industry

Here is my definition on what is the sickness industry – The NHS and Pharmaceutical companies working together to treat the symptoms of sickness. The treatment of sickness in most cases will be in the form of prescribing pharmaceutical products to ‘sick’ people in a ten-minute consultation with a doctor.

I have kept it simple because it is, it is factual and describes how most people view their health and their relationship with their doctor / NHS, (people wait until they get sick and then go and see their doctor to get a fix).

So how does that stack up in 2018, are we healthier and happier than we were 20-years ago? Surely with all the scientific discoveries that have happened over the last 100 years on how our bodies work we should be living in the healthiest and happiest time in the history of humanity.

The answer here is no, we are sicker and more unhappy than we have ever been. Here are just a few facts for you to show you how sick we are getting.


Cost of running the NHS in 2017 £124.7 billion, (cost of running the NHS in 1987 £41.5 billion).

Hospital beds

1987 – 300,000 beds, 72% General and Acute = 216,000 beds

2017 – 145,000 beds, 60% General and Acute = 87,000 beds!!!!!!


UK is fattest country in Europe with 26.9% of the population overweight or obese, cost of treating ill health in 2017 solely due to obesity £14 billion. Predicted to be £25 billion by 2025 and by 2030 it is predicted that 45% of people in the UK will be obese.


1996 1.4 million diabetics

2017 4.0 million diabetics

2025 5.0 million diabetics

Cost of NHS treatment £12 billion today, 1 in every 7 hospital beds occupied with people with the complications of diabetes.

In my local paper the ‘Eastern Daily Press’ it was reported last week that “up to 81 patients may have died and another 160 harmed due to ambulance delays over a three week period”, (over Christmas).

(The reason ambulances are delayed is because they are stacked up in the ambulance parking area full of patients waiting to be unloaded because there are no beds available in A&E).

Is this a perfect storm or what, something is clearly not working?

Do you want to be part of this?

The key to unlocking your health and getting back to innate health is by taking personal responsibility and getting educated on what is happening inside your body. Until you are able to make this decision you will be a hostage to the sickness industry where your health outcome will be in the hands of the sickness industry who do not have the time to give you’re the quality care you would expect.

There is another way, and this is exactly what we are doing. Get Healthy Stay Healthy Community is up and running. We have 11 events already booked in over the next 8 weeks, (see previous blog). Great meeting in Hornchurch last night where we discussed ‘The Western diet and why it is toxic to your health’. Come and get involved and join the community.

If there is not an event in your area, then please get in touch with me and we can do something.

Wellness is a lifestyle

Kindest regards



Get Healthy–Stay Healthy Community New meeting Dates for February and March

Get Healthy–Stay Healthy Community

Here are the new meeting dates for February and March, other event dates will follow.

February Events.

Hornchurch Essex (meeting 2) – Thursday 8th February Tesco Community Room, Roneo Corner, 300 Hornchurch Road, Hornchurch, Essex, RM11 1PY – 7.30 – 9.00pm info and to book

Walthamstow, London (meeting 1) – Wednesday 21st February  – Walthamstow Cricket Tennis and Squash Club, 48a Greenway Avenue, London, E17 3QN  – 6.45 – 9.00pm info and to book:

Rougham (meeting 1) – Bury St Edmunds – Friday 23rd February  – Rougham Sports Hall, Almshouse Road, Rougham, Bury St Edmunds, IP30 9JN – info and to book:

Wakefield – (meeting 2) Monday 26th February  –  Best Western Hotel St Pierre, 733 Barnsley Road, Newmillerdam, Wakefield, WF2 6QG  – 7.30 – 9.30pm – info and to book:


March Events

Wimbledon (meeting 2) – Tuesday 6th March – Wimbledon Library, Exhibition room 2, 35 Wimbledon Hill Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19 7NB  Time: 7.00 – 9.00pm – info and to book:

Norwich (meeting 1) – Wednesday 14th  March – Chapel Field Road Methodist Church, 9 Crooks Place, Norwich, NR2 1SD  from 7:15pm to 9:00pm – info and to book:

East Harling (meeting 1) – Tuesday 20th March – East Harling Youth Centre, East Harling, Norwich, NR16 from 10.00am – 12.00noon – info and to book:

Thetford (meeting 1) – Wednesday March 21st Thetford 7.15pm to 9.00pm – Charles Burrell Centre, Stanisforth Road, Thetford, IP24 3LH – info and to book:

Birmingham TBC 

Brentwood TBC 

Canary Wharf TBC 

Where we are paying for room hire there will be a nominal £5 charge to cover room hire, where the room hire is free the event will be free.

Talk titles:

Meeting 1 – ‘Microbiome and Heart Health,

Meeting 2 – ‘The Western Diet and why it is toxic to your health’


Free heart age testing available for all those who attended. If you want a meeting for your area and you can get friends, family and people together then please contact me and we can set something up. Each event will have its own handout/booklet for people to take away with the key points from the meeting:

Have a great day

Peter and the team