Peter RaggI’m Peter Ragg…

and welcome to my blog!

Over the last 6 years I have become a wellness advocate, wanting to learn about how to live a healthier and potentially longer life. What I have learnt has changed my health and my life and at the same time it has also shocked me in that most people are still ignoring health advice. They don’t know what to believe any more as much of the advice is industry slanted or contradicts something they were told only weeks ago as being OK. So the default for people is to do nothing.

I have aligned myself with Synergy Worldwide a premier Health and Wellness company and have become an Elite Health Coach and in my role my sole aim is to give people information on all things health and wellness. Information that will cut through the noise and genuinely help people to improve their health and wellness.

Please comment on the site and help me make this an enjoyable journey for people.

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