Get Healthy–Stay Healthy Community Newsletter 006 January 2018  

Get Healthy–Stay Healthy Community

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Newsletter 006 January 2018


There was an article in my local paper yesterday about tooth decay and here is a statement that was made in the article .. “in the UK the average five-year-old consumes the equivalent of their body weight in sugar each year, around 5,500 sugar cubes” (Public Health England).

This in my opinion this is completely outrageous, we are killing the next generation, literally, it is no wonder the scientists are saying that babies born today will not live as long as their parents, (this is now happening).

This is added inspiration if we needed it to take the Get Healthy Stay Healthy message into the communities and do what we are doing.

I discuss sugar in my second talk “The Western Diet And Why It Is Toxic To Your Health” It’s a ‘who dunnit’ of epic proportions, a story you would not believe that was fought out in the 1970s and 1980s. It was US vs UK, both fighting passionately from their corner’s. The winner was responsible for the subsequent change in the diet which has had a very serious effect on the health of the world. And the winner was …………………..

Suffice to say the ‘elephant in the room’ is sugar and in the talk I also discuss how excess sugar is toxic to your body. Sugar has been around for thousands of years but was in very short supply and was used mainly as a condiment up until the 1920s; (the higher up the food chain you were the more access you had to it), ie sugar would be sprinkled onto the food, it was a luxury item.

Now with the invention of processed foods (any foodstuff in a box/carton that is made in a factory), sugar is now ubiquitous and most people have no idea on what their daily intake is. So, having a daily recommended allowance means very little to people and again most people do not know what it is. I am going to go into this in more detail in the next newsletter. What is the threshold for sugar and how much is too much, what are the scientists saying, I will let you know.

Here is an interesting statistic, World sugar consumption has tripled in the last 50 years, while the population has only doubled. That means our global per capita intake of sugar has increased by 50% which mirrors precisely the pandemic of metabolic syndrome.


Building the community

If you are finding these newsletters informative please help me spread the word and pass onto your friends and family so they can also get involved and join our ever growing community.


Looking forward to being in Wakefield on Monday with Sarah, (meeting 1) Monday 29th January  –  Best Western Hotel St Pierre, 733 Barnsley Road, Newmillerdam, Wakefield, WF2 6QG 7.30 – 9.30pm – info and to book:

February dates will follow in the next few days.

Have a great weekend

Very kindest regards

Peter and the team


About Peter Ragg

Having worked at the sharp end of production and quality control management in the Pharmaceutical Industry for over 27 years I have acquired skills in many aspects of management, including managing large teams, leadership, presentation skills, personal development, coaching and mentoring. In 2005 I joined Utility Warehouse, a UK based network marketing company (FTSE 250 company) as an Independent Distributor, this is a part-time business opportunity which you fit in around the day job. I very quickly realised the full potential of this business model, when it is applied properly. Network marketing is first and foremost a people business, it is also a personal development business and where your success is based on helping your team members to be successful. A beautiful business model would you not agree? I love network marketing with a passion. In 2011 I had serious health issues and I joined Synergy Worldwide a health and wellness company. Synergy is now 19 years old and is in 30 countries. Synergy's natural wellness products have changed my life. I am fitter and healthier now that I was 20 years ago. Over the last 6 years I have become a wellness advocate, wanting to learn about how to live a healthier and potentially longer life. What I have learnt has changed my health and my life and at the same time it has also shocked me in that most people are still ignoring health advice. They don't know what to believe any more as much of the advice is industry slanted or contradicts something they were told only weeks ago as being OK. So the default for most people is to do nothing. My sole aim now is to give people information on all things health and wellness through our Get Healthy Stay Healthy community, information that will cut through the ‘noise’ and genuinely help people to improve their health and wellness. Please comment on the site and help me make this an enjoyable journey for people, thank you.

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