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Why I am so passionate about health and wellness?

Why I am so passionate about health and wellness?

It was 6 years ago now when I went upstairs to get my jacket and at the top of the stairs I was out of breath, I was gasping for air and knew immediately I was in trouble. I was in hospital within the hour where I was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism, (blood clots on the lungs). The NHS were brilliant in stabilizing my condition; they tested me every which way and put me on blood thinners to get rid of the clots, I was a very lucky boy.

With reference to my health, up until that point I had a simple mantra, “if I keep fit I might live longer” and I was fit and healthy, so I thought, (but obviously not). I ran three times a week, a keen cyclist, I was not overweight, didn’t smoke and drank only in moderation.

My simple mantra was exactly that, it was too simple and fundamentally I was not aware of the key functions inside my body and how they really worked and that if I looked after and respected them then they would govern my wellbeing and potential longevity.

I was angry with myself for allowing myself to get into a situation where I nearly died. Laying in my hospital bed I made a decision; from that moment on I would become a wellness advocate, reading absorbing all things health and wellness.

That was six years ago and on my journey back to great health I have discovered many things health and wellness of which I had been totally ignorant of before my PE.

I also discovered a company, Synergy Worldwide that has profound wellness products that have massively benefited my health, in particular my cardiovascular health. Six years-ago my artery age was measured at 70 years old, I was 57 at the time, (another humbling experience). Six years later I have normal blood pressure and an artery age of a 40-year-old by using the Synergy products.

I can categorically say that I feel fitter and healthier today than I did 20 years-ago and I know this because I now understand how to get healthy and stay healthy and how to monitor it.

I am passionate about health and wellness and about helping people to Get Healthy and Stay Healthy. I am aligning myself with Synergy Worldwide’s life changing wellness products that are massively benefiting people with the 21st century diseases of CVD, obesity, diabetes, dementia and mental health issues.

The science is out there, and we now know how the biochemistry works inside our bodies, and how by making simple poor choices we can massively impact our health causing serious health outcomes.

Our mantra is Awareness + Prevention = Wellness and my mission now is to take the message of Get Healthy – Stay Healthy to the rest of the country, using different 21st century conduits to get the word out. Our aim is to create and build a community of wellness advocates and raving fans. I am also looking for leaders, like-minded passionate people to join me in taking our message to the people and to become part of a new leadership team. If you are interested to get involved, please contact me without delay.

I am making a commitment to post every week with lots of health and wellness information and all the team news.

Kind regards Peter Ragg


World Health Organisation, obesity rates fact sheet, update Oct 2017

World Health Organisation, obesity rates fact sheet, update Oct 2017

World Health Organisation latest obesity rates fact sheet released today and here is the link

To say there is a catastrophic problem in society today is becoming an understatement. The paragraph below is taken from the WHO update attached is particularly disturbing.

“The prevalence of overweight and obesity among children and adolescents aged 5-19 has risen dramatically from just 4% in 1975 to just over 18% in 2016. The rise has occurred similarly among both boys and girls: in 2016 18% of girls and 19% of boys were overweight. While just under 1% of children and adolescents aged 5-19 were obese in 1975, more 124 million children and adolescents (6% of girls and 8% of boys) were obese in 2016”.


The WHO update goes on to say what causes obesity and overweight, here is the extract.

What causes obesity and overweight?

“The fundamental cause of obesity and overweight is an energy imbalance between calories consumed and calories expended. Globally, there has been: an increased intake of energy-dense foods that are high in fat; and an increase in physical inactivity due to the increasingly sedentary nature of many forms of work, changing modes of transportation, and increasing urbanization”.


I say:

This is now old science and is incorrect, all calories are different, because they are metabolised in the liver in different ways depending on the source. Fundamentally the problem is processed sugar, our daily intake has gone through the roof in the last 100 years and especially in the last 40 years since the invention of the ‘western diet’. In the liver Fructose calories are metabolised into fat and stored as fat, the fructose also interrupts the hormones that communicate to the brain to say you are full and therefore cause people to continue eating.

This is very complex but we now understand the biochemistry as to what happens. Bottom line, we do not need a single teaspoon of processed sugar in our diets and that is at the root of very serious pandemic. Governments are controlled by the Corporates and will not do anything about it. A sugar tax on fizzy drinks is just a small gesture and will have no impact on the rising numbers. Fructose is also very addictive and the food companies know this, the more sugar they can put into a product the more you will buy it.

There is also an epidemic of obese 6 month old babies.

The stats on CVD, obesity and diabetes are getting worse and worse, which is crippling the NHS as we all know and in a world where we have information overload to everything 24/7, 365, many people seem to be rushing like Lemmings to the cliff edge thinking that the NHS is going to fix us when we get sick, bonkers, bonkers, bonkers.

We have to use this information to somehow get the message across to people as to what is happening to our health.

Please contact me if you would like more information on Elite Health and how to become part of our new community for Getting Healthy and Staying Healthy.

Peter Ragg

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