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The world of work has changed forever. What are you going to do about it?

The world of work has changed forever.What are you going to do about it?

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) in an influential new study recently has said that young adults and those in work are now more likely than pensioners to be in poverty following a huge increase in insecure employment such as zero hours contracts.

After a decade of upheaval in the labour market which means getting a job is no longer a guarantee of an end to impoverishment. The JRF said its report showed British society has gone through a radical change in the last decade, particularly in working practices, and the “very worrying” rise in working age poverty imperiled the UK’s economic prospects.

The study found that while employment is close to a historic high, millions of Britons are struggling to cope with the reality of insecure work and incomes which have fallen on average by 9% in the 5 years to 2013.

There are now more than 13million people in the UK that are classified as living in relative poverty, meaning their household income is below 60% of the national average.

The future was bright!

When we looked into the future 30 years ago we all thought that by now (ie the second decade of the 21st Century) with all the latest technological advances we would be working a 4 day week and all have great standards of living. Wow we got that wrong.

It was probably my father’s generation who retired 20 years ago with their final salary pensions who have benefited the most over the last 50 years. My father in law worked for 50 years for the same company, starting work at 14 and taking early retirement at 64!

The current generation of workers and graduates will earn less than their parents and have very insecure futures.

There is a better way – Enter Network Marketing

I believe that network marketing is a brilliant industry that provides entrepreneur’s with the opportunity to become financially secure and successful over time based upon the amount of work they dedicate to the business.

There is a negative stereotype associated with network marketing, because it seems “to good to be true” and very outside the norm and therefore people are bypassing the business model because of the preconceptions they have about it.

Our society has an ingrained ideology of what we are supposed to do in order to be successful, go to college, get a job, work until retirement. Work for 40 hours an week for 40 years! Network marketing is outside of this norm and is therefore rejected by the average person.

I believe that anyone can be successful at network marketing with the right training and personal development. The biggest determiner of success in this industry is having confidence in both yourself and the business. Also, having the utmost passion for your cause to fuel your fire and influence those around you.

Network marketing may be the road less traveled but it provides more freedom and flexibility that you will ever find in a standard 9-5. And I can tell you for a fact it works.

Have a great day