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Synergy Worldwide Health and Wellness Part-time Business Opportunity

Rome Summit September 3rd – 6th 2015 Overview by Peter Ragg Synergy Worldwide, Team Global

I have 27 years experience working at the sharp end of the pharmaceutical industry and 10 years in network marketing. In my working life I have been a people person first and foremost which is a perfect background for my network-marketing career.

I joined Synergy Worldwide 4 years ago and can say categorically that it has been the best decision I have ever made, from a health perspective and also a potentially lucrative residual income stream.

The annual sales turnover from network marketing companies worldwide is 180$ billion with almost 100 million people working in the profession. UK is one of the top 4 countries in Europe for network marketing (UK, France Germany, Italy). Health and nutrition is the fastest growing market sector, growing 12.6% 2014 over 2013.

Rome Summit
I have just returned from our annual European conference, which this year was held in Rome. Once again I have met with the corporate management team.

Synergy is now in it’s 16th year, operating in 28 countries worldwide, including 10 of the major European markets. Synergy is growing dynamically across Europe and has grown 380% in the last 6 years. The reason for this amazing growth is that Synergy has great leadership in these countries ably supported by dynamic corporate General Managers.

Synergy is about evolution, passion and vision, not hype and false promises and in my 37 years of working life so far, I can say with profound hand on heart that Synergy has the most committed, ethical and professional management team of any company I have come across, they genuinely put the team members first.

Dan Higginson the founder is a truly visionary leader; he was once one of Stephen Covey’s (7 Habits of Highly Effective People) top trainers.
Dan promises three core fundamentals:
• Leading edge technology – designing, trialing, patenting and manufacturing it’s own products to pharmaceutical standards
• Best compensation plan in the business
• Every month you get a pay-check (assuming you have worked the business)

With Synergy’s life changing product and unique compensation plan Dan has facilitated for people to join a part-time business and leave a legacy over time, (you decide what that will be for you and your family).

I am looking for dynamic leaders who are also able to see the vision and business opportunity we have with Synergy Worldwide and can work with the UK team in taking the message of health and wellness to a wider audience. I invite you to check us out and meet with the senior management of the company to discuss this opportunity further, thank you.

Synergy is the place now is the time

Wellness is a Lifestyle

Your Health, Your Life, Your Choice

Your Health, Your Life, Your Choice

How your artery age will determine your future health

The current health dilemma
Medical science is allowing people to live longer, which we all applaud. At the same time as science is cracking the codes of the established diseases we as a species have chosen lifestyle choices that have caused new problems and diseases that were not apparent in previous centuries namely, cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and dementia.

These diseases are growing, type-2 diabetes for example is now classifies as a non-infectious epidemic. The average Brit is now three stone heavier than they were 50 years ago and with 30% of 2 – 15 year olds now classified as being overweight or obese we are creating a ticking time bomb for the health of future generations. It will also cripple the NHS.

Awareness – Prevention – Wellness – the good news
It is our belief is that if we all have the potential to live longer then we should take personal responsibility for our health by understanding the key parameters within our bodies that govern our health, and if we manage those parameters effectively then we may live longer and also become less of a burden on the NHS in our later years.

One of the key parameters that will ultimately determine your longevity is the health of your arteries.

We would like to introduce you to Synergy Worldwide and Noble Prize winning medical science that is proven to improve your artery health and help reverse cardiovascular disease naturally by improving circulation and reducing blood pressure.

Synergy’s other category leading products will also supply you with your daily nutrition; scientific weight management and a sugar free natural energy drink. There is a 90-day money back guarantee on the products.

The business opportunity
Sitting behind Synergy’s amazing products is an exciting part-time business model, which allows people to build an additional residual income stream along side the day job, which over time will allow you to take control of your life.

So whether you are looking for more time freedom or to subsidise a retirement income or just sack your boss then this may be the business for you.

For more information and to book an information Webinar please contact myself, Peter Ragg on 07780 673705

Wellness is a Lifestyle


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