Synergy Worldwide, Peterborough March Meeting

Synergy Worldwide – Health and Wellness
Business Opportunity Meeting Peterborough
At the Holiday Inn, Peterborough West,
Thorpe Wood, Peterborough, Cambs, PE3 6SG
Thursday 12th March 2015 -7.00pm for 7.30pm kick off – until 9.00pm

Synergy Worldwide will provide you with an added source of income, part-time or full time, and the support of one of the fastest growing companies in the health and wellness industry.

All of Synergy’s products are 100% natural and will insure your cardiovascular health, nutrition and weight management for you and your loved ones. You can protect your health and increase your wealth with Synergy.

Our flagship product ProArgi-9 Plus is based on Nobel Prize winning medical science and is proven to help reverse the effects of cardiovascular disease and is one of the highest quality l-arginine supplements in the World.

We recently launched SLMsmart, which is scientifically proven to help people lose weight and maintain a healthy BMI.

As Synergy expands in the UK we are looking for dynamic individuals who care about their health and want to leave a legacy.

Join us on the 12th to find out how you can personally benefit from this amazing opportunity. You will be able to meet the team and sample the products on the night.

Free Attendance – To secure your place please register below.

Synergy Worldwide 2015 Kick Off Event January 16th London

Synergy Worldwide 2015 Kick Off Event January 16th Heathrow London
Was it worth it?

What is a Kick Off meeting?
It is the first Company meeting of a new year. It is designed to be inspirational and motivational with great speakers and leaders. New promotions and great announcements are the order of the day, such as we all have the opportunity of going to Rome in September, (already booked my tickets). It is also about planning your year’s activity around all of the new announcements. The room was full with a real buzz and it did not disappoint.

My 2015

I have a plan of action for 2015 and you could become part of that plan.

I have been in network marketing for 9 years and if you have been following my blogs you will know I love the business model with a passion because it facilitates for anyone, without discrimination, to build a part-time business that will potentially change their lives forever.

You will also know that I believe Synergy is the best opportunity there is. I have never seen a company that cares so much for its ‘business partners’ combined with it’s 55% payout and 100% mega match, a truly win, win opportunity.

I would say that wouldn’t I

So what you have to do is not to take my word for it, you need to check it out for yourself.

So my question to you is:
· Do you want to change your life?
· Do you hate your boss?
· Do you need an additional income stream?
· Do you have an insecure job?
· Do you have an inadequate pension?
· Do you want to live a healthier and potentially longer life?

If you answer yes to any of the above you need to check out Synergy Worldwide.

What does it take, (you need to know first)?

This business is about belief, belief in the company, belief in the products and belief in yourself. Our training program is designed to facilitate for all of this. Once you have total belief you are unstoppable and your success will be guaranteed. Where your success will be based on helping other people to get what they want for this business. Now you tell me a better way, because there isn’t anything else that gets close in my opinion.

Was it worth going Peter?

Absolutely, I have total belief in Synergy Worldwide as the vehicle that this going to give me everything in life. I am part of the very exciting future we all have with this business; do you want to be also?

I am Peter Ragg, a Synergy Worldwide leader and a network marketing professional, come and join me. 07780 673705


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