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Hot off the press is the news that Synergy has launched two amazing new products in the UK, these fabulous products enable Synergy to enter two huge marketplaces, weight management and energy drinks.

In this article I want to tell you about SLMsmart and weight management.

Healthy eating and taking regular exercise are the number one and number two components of a wellness lifestyle, I am sure you would all agree.

Due to our hectic lifestyles many of us fail to adhere to a wellness lifestyle, and we are now realising that we must change our eating habits to live a longer and healthy life, enabling us to have quality time with our loved ones.

Lots of people have tried diets, lost weight and then put it straight back on once they have finished, because they fail to make a real lifestyle change. The term “yoyo” comes to mind.

We have the solution that you are all looking for; SLMsmart is a scientific based meal replacement that contains all the key ingredients normally found in a healthy meal. SLMsmart is the product you need to support you, and help educate your stomach and encourage you to live a healthier life.

It will allow you to kick-start your weight management, giving you a motivational boost, when you quickly see the pounds/kilos fall off, in a sustained and controlled fashion. It will also allow you to curb your appetite, meaning over time you will easily begin to maintain your desired weight.

SLMsmart delivers a balanced array of carbohydrates, proteins and nutrients including Vitamin B12 and vitamin C, to give you the right amount of energy throughout the day.

Also containing whey, soy and casein proteins that support the maintenance, and growth of lean muscle mass. To keep you full between meals so you are not craving food, which often leads to snacking.

Eating healthily and replacing just two meals a day, (we recommend breakfast and lunch) with SLMsmart it will allow you to achieve your target weight loss in a healthy and controlled way. Once you have achieved your target weight, by substituting just one daily meal it will enable you to maintain your ideal weight.

The SLMsmart Program is supported further when you exercise for at least 30 minutes five times a week.

Get every day get off to the best possible start by drinking SLMsmart. With its essential nutrients, it creates the perfect breakfast solution helping you achieve your weight management goals.

By eating healthily alongside using the SLMsmart weight management program you will be slimmer and healthier, also you will be able to maintain your desired weight, at the same time gaining the extra confidence and happiness that a new you will give.

If you want any more information on the Synergy SLMsmart product please go to: and then ring me Peter Ragg on 07780 673705

Wellness is a lifestyle

Are you one of the 70% or are you one of the 27%?

In the last week two conversations stand out. One person who I met for the first time at a network meeting said, “I haven’t had a pay rise for 6 years”? There was a pause, as he expected me to follow up straight away so I retorted, “so what are doing about it?” he said “We have cut back on everything and we are still finding it a struggle at the end of the month”.

A second person at another meeting who knows me, and what I do (who carries excessive weight to put it politely) said to me when I asked him if he would like to know more about our new products, “Peter I am sure your products are very good, but I don’t need them, if I get sick I will go and see my doctor”. There is another article here.

These two people are part of the 70% of the population who will moan and criticise about the situation that they are in, but bottom line they are not prepared to do anything about it. And that is fine.

So who are the 27% ers? These are the people who are not satisfied with their lot and they are open-minded to looking a business opportunity. So you might say it is a numbers game, ask 10 get 3 who are open-minded to having a look, then so be it.

70 + 27 adds up to 97 so you are thinking what about the other 3%? 3% of the population have got it sorted.

When you have a meeting with one of the 27% ers they will already be receptive, so what do you do next?

You need to find out their WHY, you need to ask questions 5% and get them to talk to you 95%, keep asking questions and listen to what they are saying. Do not pitch them, that happens a lot later when you have built up the relationship over time.

Their WHY may be that they:
· Love their job but it pays very poorly and they simply need to bolt on another income stream
· Hate their boss and want out
· They haven’t had a pay rise for 6 years and are struggling to cope
· They have an inadequate pension and do not want to live in poverty in retirement
And there will be lots of other WHYs. Once you have built up trust over time you will then be able to go on to the next phase, which is a simple invitation to have a look at a part-time business opportunity.

The good news
So the first guy from the network meeting above, I followed up with two questions for him and he replied yes to each question. I said “I think I may be able to help you, are you open minded to having a look at a part-time business opportunity in the health and wellness industry?” he thought and then said “yes” and I said “can we meet for coffee to discuss it further and he also said “yes”?

So this guy could actually be one of the 27% ers, so the moral here is you just need to ask to find out which category they fit into.

The second guy really does need to engage but he is happy to be a 70% er.

If you want to know more and why I love this business so much please contact me Peter Ragg on 07780 673705


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